General Information

All of our products; electronic faucets, shower or flush valves have a built-in infrared sensor which turns water ON and OFF by detecting the presence or absence of an object in front of the unit. There is absolutely no need to touch the fixture. The elegance and innovative technology of our models make them ideal for public and residential washrooms, hospitals, laboratories, kitchen sinks both in home and industrial installations, catering facilities, etc.


  • Models are CSA approved
  • Chrome plated solid cast brass body with elegant styling
  • Stylish rounded looks designed to facilitate cleaning for maximum hygiene in the work environment
  • Simple installation and maintenance; all inner parts are easy to reach without removing the faucet from the sink
  • Solenoid valve, mixer and electronic circuit are housed inside the faucet on most products
  • Supplementary lever for manually opening the water for continuous flow or in case of power failure by means of sintered ceramic discs (for ME models)
  • Choice of different options and types of spout, fixed or swiveling
  • For UFO series, sensor rotates with spout
  • Sensor range and time delay are adjustable to suit your needs
  • True Manual override is provided for autoflush valves and for some faucets models
  • All models incorporate filters with clean-out trap to eliminate dirt and debris for reliable operation
  • Flexible tubes of braided stainless steel, shut-off valves with check valves and stainless steel filters are provided
  • Regulated flow rate and low voltage transformer or battery, conserve energy and water
  • Low voltage (12/18/24 V) power transformer plugs into a standard household
  • Battery operated models use 6V Lithium , or 9V & 4AA Alkaline, and equipped with low battery indicator light